Asperger's Syndrome was orignally identified in young boys, and until recently diagnosticians believed that Asperger's was a condition that only affected men boys. While this is now recognised as untrue, women are still underdiagnosed due to stereotypes about autism, and a lack of clinical recognition of the way Austistic Spectrum Disorders tend to present themselves in women.

While young girls are being diagnosed in school, there is a 'lost generation' of older women who are diagnosed late in life after having no explanation for the difficulties they have faced, and having no community to support them.

For this reason, SCT is recording interviews with women diagnosed with ASD late in life. We discuss their experiences and the challenges that they have faced while undiagnosed. Our aim is to eventually publish a book of first-hand biographical information, preserving the voices of our community for future generations more understanding of difference.

No video footage is recorded and no names are taken unless specifically requested. If you are a woman diagnosed late in life with an autistic spectrum disorder who would be interested in sharing your story, please contact us at

Square Circle Theatre

CIC: 08569909

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