From our chair:

Square Circle Theatre CIC was born 2013. It was created by a woman who had been lucky as a child to have people around her building her talent. She remembers having a great time performing in shows, making costumes and meeting like-minded people. It was a million miles away from poverty and malnutrition at home.
Now in business, she feels commercial businesses should share social responsibility. That’s why SCT was born.

Our founder discovered she had Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 58. She had always known she was different and she was very much aware of the difficulties she had encountered throughout her life with relationships, social settings, education, and sensory situations. She became determined to provide a safe space and setting where others with different abilities could find calm.

It is policy for SCT to support people with DA's to help them improve their skills for employment and social skills in social settings. This complies with SCT objects as outlined in their Articles of Association. People with Asperger's often lock themselves away and avoid human contact or conversation. Working at the 3MT and Manchester Vegan Cafe  has been a perfect setting for her to realise how her interactions off the stage and in a socially vibrant setting,  impacted on her  senses. She craved a calm atmosphere. The cafe was designed to do that for those with  different abilities.

The 10 year  experience has  helped her understand the difficulties  she and others  like her experience.  The Square Circle Theatre path has changed direction.

2020 and the Coronavirus  has remodelled  SCT objects . Currently it is reframing its outreach with Manchester Shakespeare Company who are working as Barrier Busters for  SCT.  


       Thank you  Chair of SCT 

       John Topliff and Gina Frost

Square Circle Theatre

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